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Used Equipment Sales

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  • Used Great John Flat – Cartons Imprinter :
    Model: K – 420C    Specification
  • Imprinting data, lot no. and export on flat-carton and card, precision ZN types can be used for embossing print, speed adjustable, from 0 - 160 pieces per minute, 6 number digital counter.
  • Imprinter aImprinter b
    Imprinter c  

  • Used PACTUR Lady Pack L Sealer :
    Model: LP – 45/SL2
    Serial number: 12360

  • ASSET Liquid Filling machine:
    Liquid Filler (4 heads):
    ASSET Filler ASSET Filler

    with parts (500ml & 125mL cylinders & nozzles) and a drip tray
    Parts Parts Drip Tray

    with two Stainless steel tank: Capacity- 200 litres (one including electricmixer)
    SS Tanks

Interested buyers may contact us for a quote or field inspection.
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