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HCL Manufacturers Pty Ltd are specialists in the fields of nutritional and herbal medicine. The range of Organic Nature and Vita Organic products are developed and produced in Australia. The formulations have been carefully developed using only the best quality ingredients that have been chosen after extensive research on their traditional use as well as vast clinical experience.

At HCL Group, our specialists in Complimentary Medicine and Nutraceutical research are driven by a desire to continually advance the evidence base for natural health products, within broader health care.

The products also undergo additional clinical and or post-market trials to ensure maximum effectiveness. The clinical trials are pivotal in ensuring the success of launching a new product, and they provide invaluable support in reaffirming the safety and effectiveness of products already on the market. The results of these trials need to confirm absolute compliance and provide a springboard to the best possible sales result.

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Committed to providing safe and effective health care products to people around the world by honouring the knowledge of healthcare professionals from different disciplines and developing innovative and leading edge products which have proven results.
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Creating Natural Medicine Products you can trust through all claims made for products manufactured by HCL Manufacturers must be backed by peer reviewed scientific and traditional evidence. A detailed table of evidence must be submitted to the TGA for approval.
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Striving for best practice by facilitating the sharing and updating of the international knowledge through an active program involving world experts and international research partners.
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- Are manufactured with highly quality components
- Are made in a TGA licensed pharmaceutical standard facility.